The importance of agricultural development

Earth's plant is the key to the survival of all living things, human life, 90 percent of calories from protein, and 80% of plant and animal protein from animal husbandry or hunting for the rest of its source is also derived from plants; over 3000 kinds of plants for human consumption, however, the main heat only 20 kinds of providers to maintain human life mainly consists of 30 minerals and vitamins are several fruit trees and vegetables only, therefore plants to humans subsisting direct, indirect relationship can not be understated. With the worsening global climate change chilling, natural disasters drought, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc., how to ensure the crop supply chain, prevent food shortages, governments have become the important issues; According to U.S. research firm Information Display: 2050 Global the total population is 1.5 times the current 6 billion, the food crisis will fear war. Therefore, governments hope to develop new agricultural technologies as soon as possible in order to reduce environmental risks, with biotechnology, electronics and other technology, as soon as possible towards industrialization and planned production plant factory development is the top priority assessment of industrial development.